Friday, December 18, 2015

The end of a new beginning.

Some of you may have been following the journey of a beautiful little princess we had with us for the past two years. You may have even read my blog post "for God". Wendinda came to us out of an incredibly abusive difficult life. A life with such hardships, it made her first smile to me simply amazing! We were excited to receive her because we knew that this was a new beginning for her. We knew that with a name that meant “for God”, she had a destiny far greater than what she had endured in the start of her life.
Every child that comes into our orphanage comes in as a last resort. When they arrive, our first effort goes into a plan on how to get them out. As much love, care, and comfort we can give them, we are still an institution. We can never replace the love of a family. With that in mind, we make every attempt to find extended family, or options to be reintegrated into a family here in Burkina Faso. Many times, such as the case with Wendinda, there are no options. In these cases, we look towards adoption to a foreign country. And in this case, a loving, passionate family from the United States.

Through mountains of African red tape, and lost papers, and changing regulations, Wendinda has found the family God had for her. The family chosen by God and given to on the day she was supposed to be with them. We celebrated this beautiful young lady. She was a perfectly cut diamond even in the group of diamonds we have here at the orphanage. She is special in every way. These are the days we cherish here at the orphanage. This is the end of her new beginning, and the start of her new life.
Good Bye Wendinda.