Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sickness doesn't take a holiday

From the moment we arrived back in Burkina we have been on alert. With polital unrest came the closing of local stores, banks, gas stations and hospitals.

The crisis is still not over, but little by little things have been getting back to normal. Gas stations and banks were open yesterday and we got the cash we needed and fueled all the vehicles and surplus tanks.

Our town's hospital is still not up and running so our clinic at the orphanage has been very busy. With gas in the car we were able to go to one of our village clinics today.

Greeted by thankful moms and fourteen sick kids our staff nurse went to work with the assistance of one of our older orphanage girls who desires to be a nurse one day and Ashley, a nursing student interning with us.

Each child was tenderly greeted and cared for. I am happy to report that all the children were able to receive the medicine they needed to combat ring worm, parasites, coughs and runny noses, as well as malaria. There were no life threatening illnesses.

Today was a great day!