Thursday, May 28, 2015

Field Trip!

We loaded up the van and took a short drive with our toddlers and preschoolers today. We headed over to a local artisan for a field trip. The drive in the car was a new experience for most of the kids and only two of them were a little unsure.
All aboard!
When we were arrived we were greeted by the owner who also has done many paintings for us at our orphanage, school and women's center. He led us to an outdoor area and gave all of the children lollipops. While the kids were enjoying their treat, two boys brought over djembe drums and played for the kids. Afterwards they gave a djembe lesson to children and also gave out hand chimes for them to try. This was followed by lots of singing and dancing.

Arriving at the Artisan

Enjoying a treat!
Drum Lesson

Time to Dance!
Before it was time to head back from our little trip, we visited the boutique where handcrafted items are sold and the children received small wooden figurines to take home.
A good day was had by all!