Thursday, March 5, 2015

Widow Visits and Spontaneous Prayer

Today we went to visit some widows who are newly sponsored to deliver their first months grain and soap. These women had been waiting a long tome for a sponsor so they were so happy to see us and hear about their sponsors. It was really sweet to be able to share in their excitement and talk about the provision of God and how much He loves them.

One of the widows lives with her granddaughter who is in the 6th grade. this is a very important and very difficult year for students. They take an exam at the end of the year and must pass this exam to advance to 7th grade. We prayed over health issues that the widow was having and also prayed for her granddaughter's education.

While we were praying there was a group of children who had gathered outside the widows courtyard. As we were leaving, these children stopped us and asked if we could also pray for them and for their education. Afterwards, Pastor Valentin invited them to come by our church any time that they needed prayer. Spontaneous prayer is a beautiful thing.

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