Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another miracle!

Over two years ago we met little Landry in a village where we were holding a medical clinic. This village had not had such a clinic in over 15 years. While we saw many cases that day that we could help simply by providing diagnosis and medication, Landry's case was more complicated.

Landry's had an enlarged tongue. This started to occur as an infant, and when we saw him at the age of two it had grown so large that he could no longer shut his mouth. To feed him, his parents had to pull his mouth open from the side and shove food as far back as possible. Landry could only tolerate liquids and small amounts of soft foods. Afraid that his condition could potentially cause him to choke and possibly die, we immediately started seeking help. We brought him to several different doctors and pediatric hospitals in several different towns with no success in finding someone to help Landry.

His family prayed, his pastors prayed, we prayed. Everyone who met little Landry was praying that a miracle would happen. Then, two years later, that miracle happened.

We found out about a mission who takes children to the U.S., places them in host families and then doctors help the children at no cost. We submitted Landry's photo and story and in about four months Landry was on a plane to the United States.

Landry received surgery and is now ready to fly home this week. His family is so excited to see him and they will be so surprised at their son's new appearance. Never again will they have to fear that his condition could threaten his life or lead to a future filled with rejection and seclusion because of a deformity that in this society would deem him cursed.

Landry now has a bright future filled with hope. A future that all four year old boys should have.

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  1. Praise God for providing a way for this child! A big thank you to all of you over there ,who work so diligently in helping the people and serving the Lord! My prayers are always with you all to have God`s hands steadfastly upon you ...much love!