Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reflections on a Saturday Morning

Saturday is the weekend for most folks. Time to relax. Believe me, when I get a chance to relax on a Saturday I try and take full advantage of it. Most Saturdays are full of activity around here and this morning was no exception.

Today we had a shoe distribution at a school, a grain distribution for widows, a water baptism, a military visit and a trip to the hospital with a sick child...all before noon!!

We sent people off in different directions to get everything accomplished. Mike and I went to the baptism because one of the girls living at the orphanage was getting baptized. This was the first baptism we have gone to here.

Baptisms are typically done at the end of the rainy season when all the water has not dried up. This morning we arrived at the church. There were about 150 people getting baptized today. Before things got started, there was a large crowd gathered along the street. Then we heard the screaming and laughter and thunder of little feet as a local school was dismissed from class to join those gathered along the street. Something was about to happen! After several "official looking" cars passed a large group of cyclists came down the street. I am not sure if this was "Tour de Faso" (an actual event here) or something else, but everyone was cheering and we were glad to have witnessed it.

After the crowds died down, we greeted some of the pastors and then started our walk to the barrage (body of water, like a lake). This is where the baptisms would take place.

Everyone gathered and we were given a bench to sit on. Then there was some passionate preaching and singing. Afterwards, 2 of the pastors pulled off their shoes, rolled up their pants and walked down into the water. People then lined up in the water and one at a time they spoke a little and then were dunked under.

It was a very nice experience and a very beautiful morning and we couldn't help but reflect on the very first baptisms.

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  1. great! I m still there in my thoughts from time to time, in Burkina. Great work you are doing, Amy and Mike!