Thursday, June 13, 2013

Give the Gift of an Education

You Can Change This Child's Life For $1.15 a Day

Maimouna Zoundi was born on June 24, 2012.  Her mother died in 2006 when Maimouna was just one year old.  She has one older brother who is living in another town.

When Maimouna’s mother died, her father brought her to her grandmother to be cared for.  Her father is now living in a town over 300 kilometers away and she very rarely sees him. 

The grandmother is up in years and is no longer able to work in the fields.  The family lives in a small mud-brick house in Sector 3 of Yako.  Maimouna and her grandmother draw water from a nearby well, but it is not safe drinking water.

Maimouna is in the second grade (CP2) this year (2012-2013) at the Sheltering Wings Primary School.  She says that when she grows up she wants to be a teacher.
Sheltering Wings offers a private, Christian education for children in extreme need. The majority of the kids in our schools have lost one or both parents. The families are doing everything they can to feed their families and simply cannot afford the fees for school and school supplies.
Once children are enrolled in our schools they receive more than an education. Our philosophy is to take care of the total wellness of each child. We address their educational, physical and spiritual needs. Each child receives a school uniform, school supplies, a hot lunch daily and medical care. They learn in a safe and loving environment in classrooms that aren't overcrowded and with Christian teachers.
If you would like to sponsor Maimouna Zoundi and ensure her future please send me an email at or call the Sheltering wings office at 314-635-6316.


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