Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mahadaga...say that three times fast!

Yako is where we live is the Yellow Star
Mahadaga is the Red Star

I had the opportunity to spend a few days with some lovely ladies traveling to the far, south east corner of Burkina Faso to the little town of Mahadaga.

Besides having beautiful rock formations and hiking opportunities, Mahadaga is also home to a very unique and incredible handicap center and school. We have three children sponsored through our program who we have sent to the school and we were blessed with a chance to catch up with them and to see the amazing work going on at the center. It is important to mention that in this part of the world, the handicapped are often pushed aside and forgotten. This culture considers the handicapped to be cursed.

Herman is a child in our sponsorship program.
He loves to learn and spends all his free time practicing.

Francoise, the director started this facility over 20 years ago with one child. While she was working as a nurse and midwife at the medical center in town she spotted a five year old boy on the side of the road who couldn't walk. This boy had polio. He now works at the medical center. In fact, there are over 30 Burkinabe employees working at the center, many of them have disabilities, and many have grown up through the program.

A few of the girls after receiving dresses
made by a women's church group

Today, The Center for the Advancement of the Handicapped offers numerous ways for the handicapped to reach their full potential. There is traditional school for the children as wells as opportunities to learn trades such as sewing, weaving, various crafts, soap making, fabric dyeing, wood working and gardening. They also offer physical therapy, have treated over 1700 patients and they have their own orthopedic workshop where braces and other items are made.


Physical Therapy
The blind use the black straps to guide them
through the garden. It's amazing!
Three Muskateers! Apparently these adorable deaf
students like to cause mischief!
We were very impressed and very inspired. We were touched by the beautiful children we met and look forward to when we meet again.

God Bless!!

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