Friday, April 13, 2012

Daughter's of the King

We recently visited a couple of orphanages to take pictures and gather information on some children that are available for adoption. These are children who have been forgotten, fallen through the cracks, overlooked. These are children with special needs. Our desire is to see every child placed with a loving family and we are very burdened by these special needs children who often grow up in an orphanage, never having the chance to have a mom and dad of their own.
The three children are girls...daughter's of the king...worthy and precious! We know that God has them in one hand and their forever families in another. We are here as advocates, sharing their stories and praying for a connection to be made.

Sammy is nine years old. She is the product of a teen-age affair between her young mother and a transient construction worker father. Shortly after Sammy’s birth, her mother’s family contacted the father and he ran away and has not been heard from since.

Sadly, when Sammy was just 3 months old, her mother died of a very severe case of malaria. Her elderly maternal grandmother cared for her for a short time, but did not have the energy or the material means to care for an infant. The grandmother sought help from the government social services and Sammy was placed in an orphanage.

Perhaps because of inadequate pre-natal care and post-natal care as well as the premature death of her mother, Sammy suffers from a slight paralysis of her right arm and leg. Sammy walks well but cannot walk long distances and cannot run. She can use her right arm and hand but not completely normally. Specialists here say that she needs surgery and physical therapy to correct this problem.

The first thing we noticed was how affectionate Sammy is. She held our hands, linked arms with us and had an endearing smile. She is currently in the 5th grade which is very advanced for her age.

Ten year old Marie has been lost in the system. Because she is an albino, she has suffered physically and has faced rejection her whole life. When Marie's mother was engaged to be married, she entered a relationship with another man and became pregnant with Marie. Her father left the village secretly at night when the news of the mother's pregnancy was known. His whereabouts are unknown and he has not been heard from. Marie's mother became pregnant again by her fiance who she lived with for two years and then left him for another man. She neglected Marie who was left with her maternal grandmother who was unable to care for her and she became malnourished. She went first to a center for malnourished children and then to the orphanage where she remains today.

In all this time nobody in her extended family has even visited her, let alone come forward to care for her. As a result of all investigations it seems that it is because of prejudice that Marie is an albino that the families have rejected her.

Marie is currently still in the second grade at school. She cannot see well enough to do the work and there is no program in place to help her succeed. Although some effort has been made to correct and to protect her eyes, the care available here is not adequate for her needs. She also suffers greatly due to the harsh African sun.
Marie responds to affection but is guarded. She has become accustomed to rejection. During our visit she was quiet, yet friendly and gave many smiles. Marie is in need of a consistent, loving environment where her physical needs are met and where she can overcome the results of prejudice and rejection.

Six months after Marie's birth, her mother was again pregnant by her fiance. After living together with him for 2 years, the mother left him to live with another man in another region. With all of the troubles in the family, Marie was left with a maternal grandmother. Later, because the grandmother was not able to adequately provide food for Marie, she was placed in a center for malnourished children and then in the orphanage.

Benjie is two years old. She was found by a street vendor when her cries were heard from an abandoned house. She was 7 months old. Her mother and father are unknown.

Benjie wasn't walking, but with the help of physical therapy, she now walks with a limp. Her right arm is shorter than her left arm and her right hand is smaller than normal. She can use her fingers and hand and more advance physical therapy her hand may become more useful. In every other way her development is normal.

Benjie is a bright, engaging and loves to play with the other children in the orphanage. She is very affectionate and loving.

If you would like further information on any of these girls, please email me at

Love & Blessings!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Children are a Gift from God

As I sit in the office at the orphanage, I can hear the sound of children singing songs in their classrooms. They sing in the morning and again in the afternoon just before school closes for the day. I like to just stop and listen.

Their small voices are a reminder that these children are getting the opportunity to go to school, to learn and to play. So many children here do not get that luxury. There families cannot afford the costs. This is why we have built schools and why we have a sponsorship program. We would love to see every child have the chance to be in school and to have a bright future.

The really awesome thing we have encountered since being here is seeing firsthand how a sponsorship program looks from the persepective of the child being sponsored. Since being here we have not only met with and played with these children, but we have given them letters, pictures and gifts that their sponsors have sent and we have helped organize and participate in gift distributions as well as a special party just last week.

Sponsorship means more than a place in school, a uniform, extra clothing and food, school supplies...sponsorship means that someone loves and cares for them, wants to see them succeed and is praying for them. The children light up when they receive a letter or a photo. They hang these things on their walls as precious gifts.

If you would like to invest in a child and become a big part of their life it will be rewarding to you as well as it is to them. There are many children waiting! Email me at and I will be happy to give you more information.