Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Day for a Picnic!

Yesterday we decided  to take a break and go off on a little adventure. It was a great day for a picnic! Stephanie made a pasta salad, Delaney made potato salad and hummus and Anne made cookies. We filled the cooler, loaded up the truck, stopped to pick up a few sodas and headed out of town on the road to Kaya/Dori. We were going to the barrage.

Kendra and Delaney with some of our orphanage kids

We drove along the dirt road which was lined with trees and passed small villages on the left and the right along the way. Occasionally goats or sheep and sometimes cows crossed in front us. Children from far off in the distance would spot us and wave while running towards us. They cheered and jumped up and down in excitement. As we got closer to our destination we could see a large body of water to our left, way off in the distance.

After about thirty minutes we turned left on a small road that took us past women working in the fields. It was very green and very evident that we were close!

When we arrived we parked and walked up to the road. It was not an appealing view until we reached the top. Then the view was amazing! The barrage is a manmade body of water that reaches as far as the eye can see. You don't see too much of this in Burkina, so we are blessed to have this little retreat close by. The only downfall is that you cannot swim in it...which in the heat of the day is so tempting! But it isn't wise to risk getting a disease. Besides, we saw a huge crocodile and we came there to eat lunch...not to be eaten!

We laid out our mats in African fashion and sat down to feast. We drew a crowd of boys who must have thought we were very interesting. Before we left we gave them cookies. Everybody was happy!

Stephanie, Anne and our feast
Enjoying lunch, the view and eachother
Judith handing out cookies to our spectators
Tim and Kendra go exploring

Evan checking out the view from the other side

After we had eaten all that we could and got as much sun as we could handle, we loaded back up and headed home. Home...I like the sound of that!!

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