Friday, December 23, 2011

Yako Receives Us!

Everyone (dog included) made it safe and sound to Ouagadougou  the evening of December 20th. We had a busy couple of days taking care of cells phones, internet keys, purchasing a stove and refrigerator and meeting with old friends and new.

To say Ouaga is like getting on a roller coaster is an understatement. You literally have to hold on as you navigate the streets. It was pretty exciting with life going on around much to see!

Today we made our journey to Yako. As you leave the city, everything changes. The busyness in the street slows way down and the landscape changes. You pass small villages, farmers in the fields, an occasional person on a bicycle or a donkey cart. This is Africa!

When we arrived in Yako we drove straight to our new home. The minute we pulled up to the gate, children cam running at us waving. These are our new neighbors! Once we had pulled through the gate and shut of the engine, there were at least thirty people standing in our courtyard waiting to greet us. Bonjour!! There were small children, teens, moms with babies on their backs and grandmothers.

Our new neighbors! Evan isn't in the picture because he is behind the camera.

We started to unpack the car and truck, but swiftly they came to help. Everyone carrying items to our porch and into our home. The welcome party did not stop there! Suddenly women were coming over with large bowls of water and rags. They proceeded to clean the inside of our house! Merci!! We were truly overwhelmed by their graciousness.

We had to leave and head over to the orphanage. They waved as we left. At the orphanage we were welcomed with signs on the door and in our bedrooms. We were greeted by the children and Anne and Judith who are two girls from Germany who graduated and are spending several months in Yako before starting their college studies...just like Evan who we brought with us.
It's very late here and tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! More pictures to come.

Love and blessings!


  1. The best Christmas is when you are sold-out giving all. I wish I could be there and share n dat

  2. What an amazing journey and an amazing family.... Keep us posted... Happy holidays to you and your family.....