Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Leatherman that almost saved Christmas Dinner

Things here in Africa are very different. We are quickly realizing that we and Toto are not in Kansas anymore.  I spent the day yesterday working on our home. I was hanging a ceiling fan and dropped a screw for one of blades. Amy was simply said, "no problem, you have another fan there, take one out of there!" Well, that would work for the moment, but what do I do when I hang the second fan? I quickly realized that there was no home depot around the corner, in fact, if I loose a needed part on these fans, I will have to purchase an entire new fan! Situations like these certainly grows ones prayer life!

Then we attended our new church last night, this is a whole new experience. I am greeted by the pastor, and asked to sit on the stage facing the crowd, keep in mind my A.D.D., now take into consideration that this service is over 4 hrs. long. I must admit I was a bit nervous. Well, I can only describe it as amazing. They had a short message of the Christmas story, and how we like the shepherds in the field, and the wise men, then it was praise, worship, and prayer. There was dancing, skits, more dancing, singing, and more singing. At 1:30 in the morning, I headed back to the orphanage, but I heard the church singing praises and dancing from 2 blocks away until close to 3!

Then it was Christmas. Headed to church and had another great time, seeing all these people that are so blessed, yet have nothing in this material world is humbling. We headed home and started to prepare for Christmas dinner, just as Amy was about to put in the first batch of Christmas cookies the gas ran out. So I get busy changing out the Gas bottle, but with all my might, I can't loosen the gas line connection, I look over the entire orphanage for a wrench, but to no avail. Being the hero that I am, I jump into action, I mean this is Christmas dinner! I tell Amy not to worry, I have a wrench at the house, I run over, grab the wrench and race back............. It's too small. Now my bigger wrench which I wanted to bring from the states was left because we did not have the weight available in our luggage to bring it along. Now What?!?!?! Things were starting to get tense (as tense as they get here in Africa :) ) When all hope seemed lost, I remembered our neighbor from cooper city had given a Leatherman to me as a going away gift!! I tore through the luggage, and found it in the last bag! I opened it and sure enough it opened wide enough to get a bite on connection. It still would not open!!!! What am I going to do? That still little voice in the back of my head then gently spoke. "Your in Africa, try turning the connection the other way." So with my bare hand I went and gently unscrewed the connection and changed the bottle. Note to self: "Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey does not apply in Africa"


  1. Hey! Smiling with you as you walk through your first days in Burkina. Sorry for the tension regarding the gas bottle. . . yep, most everything is different there from 'home', huh? See you soon.

  2. I hope you had a great Christmas dinner!

  3. wow thats funny ! I hope they were chocolate chip cookies ! What a treat! Glad things are working themselves out :)