Friday, November 11, 2011

A Dog Moves to Africa "OR" So You Want to Fly Your Pet to Another Country

Many people who know us, know that we have a dog. Her name is Apple. We have been asked what we are going to do with Apple, now that we are moving to Burkina Faso. The simple answer is that she is coming with us, but that's where simple ends.

Apple Testing Out Her Travel Crate

There is a lot involved when you relocate a pet to another continent.
1) Have your pooch microchipped
My vet explained that this is not so much for if your dog gets loose, but to ensure that the paperwork and the dog match eachother. Let's face it...they will not have scanners to identify her in Burkina Faso! This was a painless injection between her shoulderblades that took just a few seconds.
2) Make sure the rabies vaccination is up to date and falls has been administered more than 2 months prior to travel.
3) Purchase the appropriate travel crate. Airlines have standards. Lots of them. Ventilation on all 4 sides for international travel, room for your pet to sit, stand, turn around and lie down comfortably, plastic hardware must be replaced with metal, and there are stickers, tags, tie wraps, instructions, etc., etc, etc.
4) Have the vet fill out the appropriate health certificate (10 days and no sooner) and have it translated to french (or whichever language they speak in the country you are traveling to). There is also a special form that needs to be filled out at that time and brought to the closest USDA office for a stamp of approval.

Then you wait. And on the day of travel there are special feeding instructions and check-in instructions.


Why? Because this little critter has been a part of your family. And the adventure that lies ahead...she will be a part of too.

So when you pray for safe travels for our family when we depart...please remember to pray for Apple too!

Love and Blessings!

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