Friday, March 18, 2011

Live to Make a Difference

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things."  — Mother Teresa

I love that quote. It's a reminder that we were all created differently...with different abilities, talents, interests. AND that because of these differences, things will always be better when we come together. When we bring our abilities together, we have the power to do big things!

With our church having a Missions Conference next week, these thoughts bring me to another point. MISSIONS IS FOR EVERYONE!

God has left us with a responsibility. To bring the gospel to all nations. To care for widows, orphans, the sick, the impoverished. Love your neighbor, not just the one across the street, but the one across the world.

And just as people have different abilities, there are different ways to make missions a priority in your life.

  1. Go into the mission field. Whether it's a short-term trip or a more permanent move, God is at work around the globe and invites you to join in that work with Him. With 66,000 people dying each day that don't know Jesus Christ...there is much work to be done.
  2. Support missionaries financially. Give generously to missionaries to support their work. Funds given for monthly support and donations for special projects are helping to change lives.
  3. Pray for missionaries. Those on the missions field need your prayer. Pray for protection, material needs, strength, receptive hearts in the communities they minister to, health, that they remain encouraged, that their focus remains on God and their relationship with Him grows stronger.
By doing one of these three things you are living to make a difference! I encourage anyone reading this to look beyond the four walls of your home and really see what is going on in your city, state, country and across the globe. We often walk around with blinders on because if you are living in North America you are living in priveledged GPS coordinates. Remove your blinders and let your heart break for what breaks the heart of God.

Check out the MISSION POSSIBLE missions conference at Hollywood Community Church on the corner of Taft & 441. Friday, March 25th at 7pm is the kick-off of this weekend long event.

For nothing is impossible with God.  -Luke 1:37

Love and blessings!

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